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How Watching Too Much TV as a Kid Could Make You Money…or The Power of Personalization

The more you know. Who knew?!?!

Remember those public service announcements that ran on NBC in the 80s and 90s…”The More You Know”?

Turns out they might have gained me a voiceover client and provided me with a textbook example to share with you on what I’ve found to be the most effective way to market yourself and your business. More on that later…

An audience of one

I’ve often heard sales and marketing is “a numbers game”. I won’t disagree with that statement, but I will argue that it doesn’t have to be. So how can you cast a net that’s a little more narrow and still reel in the big fish?

A little personalization goes a long way!

Homework doesn’t end when school is over

When you’re looking for prospects on social media, dig deep! If they’ve posted a cityscape pic on Instagram that really captures the essence of one of your favorite towns, take a minute to comment on it! If a potential LinkedIn connection and you share an alma mater, why waste a perfectly great opportunity to send a personalized invite with the war cry of the school sports teams? If they have the same breed of cat as you and they love posting pics of him/her on their business Facebook page, don’t pass up the chance to use that as an opener in an introductory email!

Other things to look for to separate you from the dozens of others just looking for a payday from them are:

  1. Recognition of achievements – Awards, honors, commendations, etc.

  2. A specific piece of work they’ve created and displayed on their website or social media accounts

  3. Asking what they’re doing at the moment that they’re excited about

Little things mean a lot!

So now for the example of how “The More You Know” may have made me money.

I came across a LinkedIn profile in searching for pros to connect with and the first thing I noticed about his profile was “The More You Know” logo as his profile banner. I’ll let the actual exchange beginning with the connection request take it from here…

As the conversation continued, it turns out he just launched an AR/VR company and added me to his roster of voiceover talent for future projects. I’m confident he’ll be calling on me at some point.

Mileage may…and will…vary

Two things I should point out here:

  1. Not every attempt at personalization in networking and relationship building will produce this result. Later the same week, I reached out to a production company and mentioned a specific video that I thought they did a really nice job on. Their response…”Please don’t email us again.” Don’t let the rare miss like this discourage you. We’re in a very different moment with some companies still fighting for survival and emotions are high.

  2. Not every attempt at personalization will bring you someone who has an immediate need for your service. Be prepared to play the long game. The more of these personalized connections and relationships you make, the higher the long term dividends (Told ya I didn’t totally disagree with the “numbers game” mindset!)

“The More You Know” about someone and their business, the more opportunities you’ll have! Personalization brings profitability. Watching too much TV now can lead to a bigger bank account later.

About Shane Wilson

I’m Shane Wilson, and for most of my professional life I’ve sat in a room by myself having no idea who I was talking to….and loving every minute of it!

With 25 years in radio and numerous awards for my on-air and creative work, I’ve been the voice for hundreds of radio and TV commercials, explainer videos, e-learning modules, and on hold messages.

I’ve told the story of national brands like Wal Mart, John Deere, Cracker Barrel, and Mass Mutual Insurance and the mom and pop businesses of Main Street. Get the right voice…right when you need it at

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